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Dedicated to Breeding Quality Westies

Rosepoltweem Kennels

West Highland White Terrier

ROSEPOLTWEEM KENNELS is a small kennel dedicated to breeding quality Westies & improving the breed. We breed excellent quality Westies with beautiful shoulder action & rear drive. They are well-balanced with good movement conformation & have the correct standard harsh coat & soft undercoat that a Westie should have with no skin conditions or genetically transmitted diseases/conditions from parents to offspring's in our lines.

All our puppies are raised inside our clean loving home environment, are well socialised with excellent loving temperaments .

We are a Registered Breeder.

Due to the horrible puppy scammers please contact me personally for our Kennel/Breeder/DACMB/Member numbers.

All our puppies come with limited register pedigree papers (which means : STRICTLY NO BREEDING or EXPORTING), vaccination certificates, vet health check certificates, micro-chips, toilet training & fully wormed every 2 weeks from birth.

Champion Bloodlines.

New WESTIE owners are offered lifetime support.

Delivery to airport for interstate transport can be arranged, strictly Australia & NZ only (no quarantine required). Owners to organise & finance own flights etc. (not available during covid19 restrictions).

Cost of our Westie Puppies is $5,500 (8 weeks old & not going onto a plane).

Cost of our Westie Puppies is $6,000 (10-12 weeks old & going onto a plane).

Due to the changes with flight rules & regulations and the upmost care of the puppies, puppies must be 10-12 weeks of age before going onto a plane. Therefore, I must take another 2-4 weeks off of work (without pay) to be with the puppies. The cost of our Westie puppies going onto a plane will be $6,000 (this includes an extra 2-4 weeks with me & the puppies parents & my Westie family, a possible extra vaccination at 11 weeks and a possible extra vet health check at 11 weeks old, 1-2 extra worming's at 10 & 12 weeks old, puppies will be fully toilet trained and started puppy school (subject to availability). Please note when I receive holding deposits from interstate, I will try my upmost hardest to make sure they do not fly alone and will share a crate with his/her siblings.

$2,750 holding deposit if not going onto a plane (includes official/professional receipt).

$3,000 holding deposit if going onto a plane (includes official/professional receipt).

Holding Deposits are fully refunded with the following situations below:

1. If any complications during artificial insemination's/pregnancy/birth & the 8 - 12                    weeks (applicable to puppies going onto a plane) after birth with me.

2. If the puppy does not pass the 7- week vet health check or 10 or 11- week vet health            check (applicable to puppies going onto a plane).

3. We cannot provide the correct gender you requested or limited number of puppies after      birth.

4. You have changed your mind, or your financial situation has changed, or you                        purchased a Westie puppy from another breeder.

5. Breeder’s duty of care/procedures/rules/guidelines/regulations in accordance with the        ANKC.

6. Breeder decides to keep the puppy for future breeding to continue our excellent quality      breeding lines.

7. All Covid-19 situations.

8. You have relocated internationally. Strictly no quarantine allowed with our puppies.

Our Westies go to STRICTLY approved homes only!!!!

Our Westies and their puppies are more than just pets to us, they are part of our loving family and life, so we want to be sure that all the puppies go to loving homes where they will be treated the same way that they have come accustomed to within the first 8 - 12    weeks of their life with us.

Please CALL (no emails please) if you have any queries or wish to put a holding deposit on one of our future quality Westie puppies, sorry we DO NOT HAVE WAITING LISTS anymore due to the extremely high demand on our Westie pups.

For all enquiries, please call Leanne on 0438 872 428.

Next available breeding planned: Approx. January 2023 with Maisie & Hamish (or Sholto - Hamish Son - TBA).